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Development Board
& Mounting Assembly
for SPP-01 series products

Pin-out and package data

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SPPDB-01 Development Board
& Mounting Assembly
for SPP-01 series products

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The SPPDB-01 is a development board and mounting assembly for Frequency Devices SPP-01 Series of signal-processing plat forms. SPPDB-01's combined with SPP Series of platform products provide design engineers with versatile and cost effective hardware and software solutions to meet their data acquisition design and product development needs.

Available platform solutions include:
  SPPDS-01   Product Development Suite for the SPP-01
  SPP-01   Series Customer defined application,
specific algorithms
  SPPOSC Series   Low distortion oscillators to -100 dB
  SPPPF Series   Standard and custom DSP filter solutions
  SPPDM-01   FIR Filter Utility, uses MatLabTM
  SPPARB Series   Arbitrary waveform generators
  SPPFFT Series   Fast Fourier Transforms

SPPDB-01 boards may be purchased individually or as part of the SPPDS-01 development suite to provide a convenient way to communicate with, design and configure SPP-01 signal processing platform solutions. Programs may be loaded & stored via an RS-232 interface. BNC signal I/O ports, power supply connection blocks and easy access to stored programs using a manual or computer select port, make set-up and utilization of SPP Series of platform products a breeze. SPP-01 Series of products shorten the engineering product development cycle while allowing the user to design and introduce new products and solutions in the shortest possible time.




  • Ease of use; BNC signal I/Os reusable, zero insertion force socket.
  • Compatible with all SPP-01 series platform products.
  • Included in both the SPPDS-01 and SPPDM-01 programming packages.
  • Designed for repeated use by customers who wish to program and/or bread board SPP-01's.



Pin-Out and Package Data

Socket pin-out information

J1 (Digital Data output port)
1 SCLK (Serial Clock)
2 LRCK (Left / Right Clock)
3 SDOUT (Serial Data Out)
4 MCLK (Master Clock)
5-15 All Grounds
J2 (Computer Select)
1 to 10 D0 to D9 (Program select Port)
for SPP-01 series products.
11 to 12 Grounds
13 to 14 No connects
J3 (RS-232 Program port)
1,4 to 9 All Grounds
2 Receive
3 Transmit

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